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Commander's Message




America’s Boating Club the world’s largest recreational boating organization with more than 35,000 members. For more than 100 years, we have worked to make the water a safer place through boating education, civic service and fellowship.  With the America’s Boating Club of Snohomish County, you can improve your boating skills and knowledge online, in the classroom with certified instructors, or outdoors with hands-on training.  By joining America’s premier boating organization, you can have fun with other boaters on the water and on land!


Our members enjoy many affordable and comprehensive programs that increase their boating knowledge and skills, have more fun, and connect with fellow boaters through a variety of educational and social activities.  With membership, you receive:

  • Boating education to help you become a more competent and safer boater.

  • A wide variety of comprehensive courses and informative seminars to advance your skill and knowledge in boat operation and maintenance.

  • Savings of 20% or more on these courses and seminars.

  • Flexibility in scheduling your education through classroom instruction, on-line courses, and on-the-water skills training.

  • Interaction with a group of experienced boaters who know how to have fun cruises, picnics, and get-togethers.

  • Opportunities to provide community service to our neighbors, fellow boaters and the environment.

  • Savings on boat insurance and many other products and services.


The only requirements for membership are a keen interest in boating related activities and an eagerness to meet like-minded people. You don’t need a boat to join. For more membership benefits click here “membership link”


Thank you for coming aboard!


In service to you,


Cdr Michael Watkins, AP

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