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As I take the helm I want to thank everyone for giving me the honor and opportunity to lead you through the next year. As I have stated in past posts, I joined the Squadron in 2002 and then sat on the sidelines. I finally got in gear 5 years later and slowly became involved. I participated in Adopt-a- Street and a few other volunteer events.

 I was then approached to be the Squadron Public Relations Officer, which scared the daylights out of me! It was intimidating but I was assured that I would be assisted with the venture so, I stepped up and took the position. From that position I went to Administrative Officer. During that 2 year stint I became very involved with activities of the Squadron; street clean up, parades, rendezvous, boat shows, etc. I then became the Executive Officer with the knowledge that I was heading for Commander. With higher Bridge positions came more responsibility and also a greater understanding of the organization.

I look back and wish I would have grasped the concept earlier on. After 17 years in the Squadron I have been able to garner 12 merit marks. I could have more if I would have started earlier!


I encourage members, especially newer ones, to jump in early in your membership and experience the satisfaction of giving to others through our many public activities, not to mention the experience gained from the many classes available to you!

So, as we power (and sail) into the summer months  lets enjoy our time together with friends and know that we are part of a great organization that strives to make safe the very activities we endeavor to participate in. 


Be Safe on the Water

Commander Frank Havens, AP-IN

Welcome, On the Water Enthusiasts!


We are the Everett unit of the United States Power Squadrons®, the oldest and largest boating organization in the United States. We are a volunteer organization that prepares skillfull boating through public and member education.

Our members are both sailors and power boaters; for people preparing to buy their first boat, for those with trailer-able size, long distance cruisers and live-a-boards.  Meetings are held at Fireman’s Hall on Hewitt Ave. in Everett; and classes are held at Everett Yacht Club, in private residences and Everett Community College.  We invite you to join our meetings, become a member and enjoy fun rendezvous around Puget Sound and Gulf Islands.  

Celebrating Education, Community Service as well as Socializing with Recreational Boaters and on the water enthusiasts since 1948.  For information about our Public Safe Boating Courses, click on the Education link on the top menu.  

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