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Squadron Gets a Jump on Jump Start

We’re excited to announce the Squadron’s participation in the new United States Power Squadron Jump Start Program.  Hands on training of new boat owners.

What is Jump Start?
The Jump Start Program is a hands-on training program from the Boat Operator Certification Committee of the United States Power Squadrons.  It provides a framework for teaching a one-on-one training session with a student on their own boat.  The content of the training is customized to fit the needs of the individual student.  The goal is to help the new boat owner develop essential skills for safe operation of their boat, and to break through any barriers that may limit their boating enjoyment.

The Jump Start Program provides a two hour personalized, high-quality training experience for the student.  It also helps the student bond with the squadron, and encourages participation in additional squadron training and activities.  

Who Can Teach the Boater?

The Jump Start program can be taught by any USPS member that has taken a basic boating safety course.  There is no other formal requirement for conducting the training.  We do recommend that the instructor be well-versed in the USPS curriculum and have significant experience operating a vessel similar to the one owned by the student. 

How Much Does it Cost?

There is no charge for the program, and the materials may be downloaded from our web site.  Since the student provides the boat and fuel, and instruction is voluntary, the training program can be offered to the student at no charge.


Are Materials Available to Help the Instructor?
Yes.  There is a downloadable workbook for the instructor to use in planning and conducting the training.  The instructor can print out a copy and use it to make notes.  A portion of this workbook will be needed during the training session.  There is not a specific textbook for the student, but the instructor may choose to share the contents of the workbook with the student.  There are a number of additional documents and checklists in the appendix that may be useful for the student.  The instructor is also encouraged to reference other texts and materials that may be beneficial for the student

Is There Insurance Coverage?
Yes.  As part of the USPS On-the-Water Training program, subject to following the procedures, the training session is covered by USPS insurance.  This includes general liability, marine liability, and hull insurance for the boat.

Which Squadron Members Are On the Initial Jump Start Team?  Gary Baker, John Tarpley, Mike Martin, Frank Havens, Jim West, Danny Daniels

How Do I Sign Up to Teach or Participate As a Student?

Contact Squadron P/C Gary Baker, P

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